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FRUCTUS ARMENIACUS is the name of our tourist agency that means “Armenian fruit” in Latin.
The impressions that you will experience from fascinating tours, captivating trips and interesting sights accompanied with our caring and quality service will be as rich and unforgettable as the taste of the queen of the Armenian fruits, the apricot. This wonderful fruit is called FRUCTUS ARMENIACA in Latin and is considered to be the symbol of Armenia for its unique sweetness, juiciness and delicious aroma. 

Discover travelling to Armenia

Do you like travelling? Do you like active tourism? Armenia is all that you need. This wonderful country is just made for tourists. Without exaggeration we can say that there is no other country in the world that offers as many different types of activities as Armenia. Tourists come to Armenia to adore the wonderful monuments of Yerevan and other large historic cities. Other tours are also popular in Armenia such as trekking, biking, hiking, alpinism, medical treatment and many others. Tourism in Armenia is a fantasy liberty for travelers with any kind of interest. Yerevan, Echmiadzin, Jermuk, Tsakhkadzor, Ararat. Tours to Armenia are so captivating and diverse that you will eventually want to visit it again and again.

How to choose a tour to Armenia? How to organize a travel to Armenia? Where to visit first of all? Where is it more profitable to book a tour, in Yerevan or in Europe? What’s the best season for travelling to Armenia?
Armenia is well suited for all year tourism: hiking, sightseeing, tours in Yerevan and other cities, mountain skiing and beach recreation. Tours and travels to Armenia will provide you many opportunities to spend leisure time. If you like tourism, Armenia will become an ideal country for you, which will become a wonderful experience for you. One travel to Armenia will not be enough to experience all the sights of Armenia: Yerevan, Lake Sevan, Jermuk spa resort, legendary Echmiadzin and many more. On our website you will find the answers to all your questions concerning the organization of your tour to Armenia. We have created our project to make your trip to Armenia simple and to make your vacation comfortable. Tours to Armenia is our main specialization. We will pick up and organize for you any kind of tour taking into account all your desires, needs and financial capabilities. You’ll have nothing to worry about with us!

Where to visit in Armenia: Echmiadzin, Sevan, Garni, Ararat, Jermuk

Even if you know nothing about the sightseeing of Armenia you must have tried the famous “Ararat” brandy. And we are sure that you will love it. Is it possible not to like something that Noah himself liked so much? It was Noah himself who according to the legend tried this awesome drink on the foothills of Ararat Mountain. However, there are many interesting places in Armenia besides Ararat, Yerevan and the famous brandy factory, which are worth visiting. The center of Armenian Apostolic Church Echmiadzin, alpine Lake Sevan, Garni temple and fortress, unique Jermuk resort and other places are ideal for daily tours.
You will have a really hard choice! What tour to choose? Where to go? Which sightseeing places of Armenia are more interesting? Echmiadzin, Sevan, Garni, Jermuk and of course Ararat, where Noah himself put his step, all these interesting places in Armenia are worth visiting. And it’s up to you to decide where to go first on your travel.
Echmiadzin is a famous cathedral which was founded in 303 A.D. and it’s a sacred place for all Armenians. It’s located 20km from Yerevan and it’s considered the religious center of Armenia. Lake Sevan is one of the largest and famous lakes in the world which is located 1896m above sea level. Sevan is beautiful in all seasons and in all kinds of weather but the summer beach recreation is more popular here. To get medical treatment and good rest you must visit the famous Jermuk resort where you can relax and get treatment for various complex diseases. 29km from Yerevan you will find the famous Garni village and it’s main attration the Garni Fortress. The superb architectural ensemble of Garni with the pagan temple of Hellenistic era will enchant all tourists. And of course the most important sightseeing place in Armenia is Ararat Mountain. Ararat offers a more beautiful vista from the Armenian side. And if you want to learn more about the legend of Noah, you should visit the famous brandy factory “Ararat”. And don’ forget to buy a bottle of the famous brandy as a gift for someone.