National CuisineНациональная КухняNationale Küche

Armenian Dried Fruit

Harisa – porridge made of wheat and sodden fibered chicken
Basturma – dried beef in spicy covering (caraway, garlic, red pepper)
Dolma (or tolma) – ground meet wrapped in grape leafs
Qufta – tender meat balls made of stewed beef
Lavash – national unleavened wheat bread
Zhengyalov Hats - a baking stuffed with greens, typical for Republic of Nagorno Karabagh
Lahmajo – patties with ground meat, tomato sauce and pepper
Spas – soup made of tan (yogurt) and wheat
Sujukh – thin dried sausage
Ghaurma – boiled and fried meat, covered with butter
Khash – national soup made of macerated beef shins
Khashlama – boiled beef in broth
Khorovats – barbeque


"Zhengyalov Hats" National Bakery
Armenian Khorovats (Barbeque)
Vegetable Khorovats

Vintage brandy of the famous Ararat Factory:  Ani – 6 years, Selected – 7 years, Akhtamar – 10 years, Tonakan – 15 years, Nairi – 20 years » more Information on brandy tour
Table wines:  In Armenia Wine is made of grapes, pomegranates and raspberries. Popular local brands include Areni, Ijevan, Vernashen, Getap and others.
Vodka:  In Armenia fruit vodkas are made from mulberry, apricot, cornel, pear, cherry and other fruit assortments. Popular local brands include Vedi Alco, Artsakh Alco, Erebuni Alco.
Beer:  Popular local brands include Kotayk, Kilikia, Erebuni, Gyumri, Shirak and others.

Yerevan Brandy Factory

In this section you will learn about the best restaurants of Yerevan, where you can spend a pleasant evening with your family or friends, try exquisite dishes of the national Armenian cuisine, as well as Russian, Chinese, Georgian, European, etc. Take advantage of our recommendations and you will be satisfied.

"Old Erivan" Restaurant in Yerevan

2 Northern Avenue
Tel: +374 (10) 540 575, +374 (10) 588 855
Short Description: Old Erivan gives you the total experience of Armenian hospitality. A visitor to this wonderful place will discover the true flavor of the Armenian national cuisine. Old Erivan fully reflects rich traditions and customs, peculiar to Armenian way of life. At Old Erivan one can immediately get the unforgettable spirit of Armenian origin.

5 Sayat Nova Avenue
Tel: +374 (10) 548 700
Short Description: A realistic picture of Armenian village and a perfect place to get together for a good time. Do not miss sophisticated Armenian menu: the beans with eggs, the mushroom salad, and the cheese platter, on the appetizer menu. This underground Armenian restaurant is an authentically decorated whole in the wall, with a few tables and a couple of separate private areas for small parties of five to eight. You can enjoy Armenian live music daily from 7.30pm.

40 Toumanian Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 538 331, 530 892
Short Description: At the heart of Ai Leoni is a core lunch and dinner menu based on authentic Italian recipes. Emphasis is placed on simple fresh ingredients and traditional Italian cooking methods.  You do not have to be in Italy to enjoy fresh, handmade pasta, handmade traditional Italian pastries, cakes and dessert, world famous Italian wines, liquors, espresso, cappuccino, genuine Italian ice cream, Italian dry spiced ham, and other entrees.

3 Tamanyan  Str., entrance off Isahakyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 561 894
Short Description: Phoenicia is a cozy and comfortable restaurant which offers you exclusive choices of dishes, in a charming environment with appropriate music and calming energy.
The customer friendly staff is highly trained in pleasing you and making sure your needs are satisfied. The dishes are masterpieces created by passionate food connoisseurs, fusion of European, Mediterranean and West Armenian specialties.

"Dolmana" Restaurant in Yerevan

Address: 10 Pushkin Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 568 931, +374 (10) 561 354
Short Description: At Dolmama lovingly prepared simple meals, full of the flowers of Armenia based on the freshest season produce available. You can also taste “Dolmama”- dish prepared from grapes stuffed with meat, trout from Lake Sevan. A rewarding list of Armenian and Mediterranean dishes and wines are offered.

42 Mastots Ave.
Tel: +374 (10) 539 939, +374 (10) 536 399
Short Description: Cactus is an authentic Mexican restaurant. It’s a place with live music band with hot Mexican rhythm. Tacos with hot cheese, crispy corn chips, tequila and exotic cocktails are among the items which you can sample.

40 Tumanyan Street
Tel: +374 (10) 531 361
Short Description: Here you may taste Western Armenian dishes, French Cuisine and delicious Pizzas.

82 Hanrapetutyan Sr.
Tel: +374 (10) 561 177, +374 (10) 562 614
Short Description: Caucasus Tavern is probably the only restaurant in Yerevan serving authentic regional food of southern Caucasus, and genuine Armenian live music of 5 instruments (a kamancha, 2 duduks, a tumbuk, and an oud) and a female vocalist. Decorations and ambience bring you to Tbilisi or to the old Yerevan. The service is very courteous and friendly.

9 Tumanyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 527 822
Short Description: Beijing Restaurant offers Chinese dishes and unique atmosphere.

29 Tumanian Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 564 600, +374 (10) 564 620
Short Description: Bacchus Art Gallery-Restaurant offers different taesty dishes from Europen Cuisine. Best selection of French, Italian German, Georgian & Armenian wines. Classical music.

Address: 24 Saryan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 527 840
Short Description: “Beerloga” pub is for the real beer gourmets. Only here can you enjoy a wide variety of draft beer: lager and dark, pasteurized and unstrained. You will be offered a rich menu: Sea delicacies, exceptional snacks and dishes from our chef will help you savour the gastronomic delicacy of food while bringing out the flavour of beer.
The bear in “Beerloga” is kind. Here you will feel relaxed and comfortable and will enjoy your time thanks to the warm atmosphere and hospitality of “Beerloga” staff.

30 Abovian Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 583 990
Fax: +374 (10) 560 492

Short Description: Café Central is one of the favorite places of gourmands of European cuisine in Yerevan. It combines features of bar, café and restaurant. Dessert served here is wonderful, interior is splendid! The fantastic cuisine and wonderful music create an atmosphere favorable for leisure. You will be fascinated by the efficient and helpful staff.

Address: 9/5 E. Kochar Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 553 222, 573 222
Short Description: Here delicious Armenian food is served - Armenian shish kebab, kebab, shaurma, lahmajoon...

Bookstore café
Address: 20 Abovyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 521 239
Short Description: The friendly smiling staff and bright lighting in Artbridge will help you to relax and get rid of your negative emotions. You can enjoy wonderful music of various genres and warm atmosphere for hours sitting in the comfortable chairs.

Le Cafe de Paris

23/1 Abovyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 522 648, +374 (10) 544534
Short Description: You can’t help tasting the sweets offered by Parisian Coffee. French music, friendly atmosphere!. Sitting in the café, you will feel the romantic spirit of Paris – a city of love. There are journals and newspapers which will make you pastime more interesting.

"Marco Polo" Restaurant in Yerevan

1/3 Abovian Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 561 926, +374 (10) 525 550
Short Description: A visit to Marco Polo will immediately put you into high spirits. Rhythms of different genres including jazz and lounge music, skillful combination of wood and metal. You will be served the very best of Caucasian and European cuisine prepared in the fines traditions.

3 Tamanyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 547 910
Short Description: Mokka is a place, where you can hang out with you friends or family. In the halls, designed in classical and disco style, you can enjoy cookies made right in the café. Willing and friendly staff is always at your disposal.

"Gusto" Gastronomia Gelateria

11 Abovyan St.
Tel: +374 (10) 581 121, 560 601
Short Description: Various Italian delicacies, bright lighting and lively music in Gusto will pleasantly surprise gourmands. Tables are made from wood and metal and the leather chairs are extremely comfortable. There are two halls. The one downstairs has a large TV screen.

L’ Orange
21 Tumanyan Str., 26 Abovyan Str.
Tel: +374 (10) 528 293
Short Description: Orange tones of the interior are skillfully combined with original uniforms of the staff and European cuisine. L’Orange offers an exceptional assortment of desserts.