Winter ResortГорнолыжный курортSkiorte

The tracks of the mountain ski resort Tsahkadzor, which is famous since the Soviet times, are situated on Mount Tegenis (2,821 m).  The ski season lasts here from November to April.  The snow height reaches 1.4 m. here.  The average temperature in winter is -6°C.  The rope-way consists of four levels. All four are equipped with Austrian seat elevators.

The new 4-step rope-seat-way is capable of serving from 600 to 1,200 people per hour.  The whole length of the ski tracks is 7,200 meters (a total of 50 extremely interesting tracks).  The total area of the rope-way is about 800 hectares.  The quiet tracks, which are good for beginners, are situated in the central part of the mountain.  The so-called “black” tracks with height drops of 350 meters are in the upper part of the mountain. The slopes here are very steep and dangerous for beginners. However a special focus on safety issues at every step will help you fill comfortable and secure at all tracks. From the mountain top you’ll see a wonderful view of Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan.  If you overcome the pass, you will get to the neighboring mountain range and access the most extreme ski tracks.

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There are an equipment rental point, pizzeria, restaurants and cafe on the bottom as well as on the Teghenis mountain. The cost of a ski-pass for the whole day is approximately €15. Tsahkadzor mountain resorts are well known of high-level service, unique nature and climate.

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Enjoy the recently opened Multi Rest House located in Tsakhkadzor, one of the beautiful ski resort places in Armenia.

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Facilities: Conference hall (60-100 pax), business center, Internet.

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The modern two-story chalet style cottages house luxury hotel-rooms in country style and decor, equipped with Italian modern furniture in wall-nut and beige shades, twin or double beds, armchairs, round-table, mini-bar, modern conveniences including satellite TV and air conditioning.

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Tsakhkadzor – the famous mountain skiing resort of Armenia

Do you consider yourself a mountain skier? Do you like to spend your vacation in mountain resorts? Do you prefer mountain skiing tourism to quiet rest? What kind of mountain skiing resorts do you prefer: in Europe, elsewhere, or maybe in Armenia? Do you which mountain skiing resort was the main training grounds for USSR? Tsakhkadzor is a famous mountain skiing resort in Armenia which used to be the main training place for the USSR national skiing team. Now this unique place is forgotten by companies which are specializing in mountain skiing tourism. But it’s time to put things in the right place!
Tsakhkadzor is a mountain skiing resort which is situated on an altitude of 1800m which is ideal for beginner and professional skiers. Tsakhkadzor has all the necessary infrastructure and the skiing routes are in excellent condition.
If you have been to all ski resorts in Europe but you haven’t been to Tsakhkadzor yet, you have missed a lot of things! Mountain skiing tourism in Armenia is not only a chance to train but also an excellent chance to see the rich cultural historical heritage of this ancient land. Mountain skiing tourism here can also be educational, so you shouldn’t forget about it! Mountain skiing resort Tsakhkadzor is waiting for all lovers of mountain skiing! Armenia will welcome everybody in its majestic mountains: snowboarders and freeriders, as well as all lovers of extreme sports and those who prefer active sports.