Museums and GalleriesМузеи и галереи ЕреванаMuseen/Galerien

The History Museum, founded in 1921, is located in the first two floors of the Museum Compound on the Republic Square.  Archaeological finds and cultural objects of the Armenian people from the Paleolithic era to the end of 19th century are exhibited here.

History Museum of Armenia
Self-Portrait of Martiros Saryan
A Monument to Mesrop Mashtots - Founder of Armenian Alphabet

The National Art Gallery occupies the remaining six floors. The gallery contains four sections: West European painting, Russian painting, Armenian fine arts and graphic arts. Among the exhibits are paintings that used to be in nationalized collections of museums in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, gifts from Armenian collectors, paintings of famous Armenian artists: Hakob Hovnatanyan, Ivan Ayvazovski, Martiros Saryan and many others. 

Matenadaran, a unique depository of ancient manuscripts, is situated on Mashtots Avenue. Samples of Armenian written culture, fragments of parchments and manuscripts (about 16,000 pieces), are exhibited there. One of the unique exhibits is an ivory framework of the 6th – 7th centuries with the Ejmiadzin Gospel of 989 framed in it. The same building hosts a manuscript laboratory, research offices and a reading room.

Sergey Parajanov’s House-Museum was opened in 1991, a year after Parajanov’s death. It contains more than 200 works of the artist as well as furnishings of his home in Tbilisi. The collection and archives of the exhibition are continuously expanded.

Over the years the Museum has organized 26 exhibitions, including those at Cannes, Thessaloniki, Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, Tehran, and Beijing. The Museum’s director, Zaven Sarkissian, is an acclaimed photographer and was Parajanov’s friend.

Parajanov was a genius with more than talent - his rare visual interpretation of culture encompassed everything he had seen or felt or endured. His work was universal, unlimited, original with no direct analogies in the art world. Parajanov, a contemporary and collaborator of Fellini, amazes the viewer with imagination, beauty, fantasy and artistry.

Manuscripts at Matenadaran - Museum of Ancient Manuscripts
Sergey Parajanov's House Museum
One of the Collages by S. Parajanov

The Modern Art Museum, founded in 1972 by Henrik Igityan, is located not far away from Matenadaran. First of all you will see “the Red Room” created by Garzu – one of the greatest artists of our times, currently living in Paris. The first modern art museum in the USSR possesses the works of Hakob Hakobyan, Minas Avetisyan, Martin Petrosyan, Grigor Khachaturyan and other famous artists.Besides museums of arts, architecture, literature, and history of Armenia, tourists may be interested in home-museums of famous Armenian cultural figures, such as the Museum of Sergey Parajanov, a world-famous film director and artist. Here you will see his personal belongings, pictures, dolls, collages, as well as photographs of the master and his family.

Martiros Saryan House Museum
The collection of the museum comprises 160 canvases which the artist executed in different periods of his life. Many of them have earned him world renown. Mainly his early works are placed on view here: "Tales and Dreams" (1904 - 1907), "At the Well. A Hot Day" (1908), Self-Portrait" (1909), "Istanbul Dogs" (1910), apart from dozens of canvases painted in the Soviet period: "Aragats" (1925), "A Yard in Yerevan" (1929), "Three Ages" (1943), "Picking Cotton in the Valley of Ararat" (1949) and others symbolizing the revival of the Armenian people. He has an attractive gallery of portraits of conspicuous personalities of the Soviet Union and Armenia: Alexey Tolstoy, Ilya Ehrenburg, I. S. Isakov, G. Ulanova, Avetik Isahakyan, Victor Hambardzumyan and others.