Cultural HistoricalКультурно-историческиеkulturell-historische Tour

Our country is often referred to as an open-air museum.  Here, in an area of somewhat less than 30,000 sq. meters, one can find thousands of historical and architectural monuments, some of which go back to the 3rd millennium B.C. Among the well preserved monuments are: fortresses of the Urartu State era; the summer residence of the Armenian kings, ancient “Temple of the Sun” Garni, and baths of the Hellenistic period; the everlasting symbols of our culture – multiple khachkars (cross stones), and churches and monasteries built after adoption of Christianity in Armenia in 301.  Many tourists are also very interested in medieval monuments of civil architecture: the coeval of the “Great Silk Way”, Selim caravanserai, arch bridges and cave settlement “Old Khndzoresk”.

The programs of our one-week cultural/historical tours include the most interesting ones of the mentioned sights.  We will be happy to introduce you to outstanding masterpieces of world architecture and unique cultural monuments.

Stone Carvings at Holly See Mother Echmiadzin
Noravank Monastery
Mount Ararat

During the two-week tours along with the unique architectural and historical monuments of Armenia, you will feel the spirit of Armenia through its rich traditions, rituals, legends and famous cuisine.

Two weeks spent in our wonderful country will give you a chance to dip into the atmosphere of the captivating influence of the East and West and get a closer look at the most interesting sights in Armenia and Artsakh (old Armenian name of Karabakh).  During your visit to Artsakh you will enjoy the special hospitality of people, the amazing nature and Christian sanctuaries.

The two-week tours will allow you to discover insight of Armenia and get diverse and unforgettable impressions.

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Familiarity tourism in Armenia, Cultural tourism in Armenia

Traditionally cultural tourism is called familiarity tourism. Those who do not like passive beach recreation and want to learn more about the country, the cultural and architectural monuments, to enlarge their outlook, choose an ancient country or city for cultural tourism. The most popular types of cultural tourism are the countries of Europe. However, Armenia too deserves a special mention, this is an ancient country which is called a museum under the open sky.
Armenia offers the lovers of cultural tourism tons of unique opportunities, which you’ll not find in any other country of the world. Cultural tourism and familiarity trips here can be wonderfully combined with exotic and extreme tourism as well as sport and medical tourism. This ancient country will give you many unforgettable memories and wonderful moments.
Familiarity trips and cultural tourism in Armenia range from daily tours (tours to Yerevan Brandy Factory, Echmiadzin, Garni, Geghard, Khor Virap, etc) to two and three week tours which cover the entire territory of Armenia visiting many sites of interest. This ancient country Armenia is created for cultural and familiarity tourism. IT will open the secrets and legends of past centuries, unique architectural and historical monuments and virgin nature. A tour to this ancient land is a source for new impressions and experience, positive emotions and unforgettable memories.