Eco and Nature based toursЭкотуризмTouren durch die Natur

Agro tourism is one of the most popular types of ecotourism. People tired from endless traffic jams and all inconveniences associated with big cities enjoy living in farms and becoming closer to the nature when taking agro tours. Things that are routine for villagers, become a real relaxation for urban people, suffering from ongoing stresses. Cultivating the land, harvesting and milking cows is exotic entertainment for urban people. The breakfast with fresh and organic dairy products, eggs and fruits tastes even better when you know you had your contribution in its preparation. Everybody knows that the best rest and vacation is the change of environment, as well as abstraction from all problems and troubles.  Agro tourism means fresh air, organicl village food, healthy sleep, physical activity, as well as new impressions and acquaintances, a chance to discover a whole new world and live a different life. 

Armenia offers lots of opportunities for agro tourism lovers. You will be able to learn about the life in Armenian villages, their traditions and culture as well as the basics of the national cuisine.

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Armenia is a real discovery for those who like walking and motorist wild camping. There is just no better place for natural recreation. Lots of points of interest and incredibly beautiful nature are the two main components of an interesting camping or motorist tours. To those who travel by car independently, we suggest staying at comfortable camp-sites. For walking tourists Armenia has in store some intriguing routs across mountains and gorges, rivers and lakes, towns and villages. Our hospitable country is open for everyone!

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Bird watching in natural conditions is one of the varieties of bio-tourism. Those who like this kind of eco-tourism never go to zoos; they prefer watching animals and birds in wild forests and reserves.

Real bio-tourists will surely appreciate the beauty of the Armenian nature and its fauna. In mountainous steppes and high mountains of Armenia one can find interesting, beautiful and rare birds: skylarks, hoopoes, eagles, lammergeiers, white-headed griffons, alpine brambling, etc. 

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Ethnological tourism is a research of customs and traditions of a group of people or a nation. People from different cultures, speaking different languages, believing in different Gods and wearing different clothes have always attracted curiosity. Indeed, by discovering their world, we live with them that life and become richer as human beings. Ethno-tourists often settle in an exotic tribe and try to integrate into the new society in order to acquire the priceless experience of the diversity.

We invite all ethnic tourism fans to dive into the atmosphere of native Armenians’ life and traditions. You will get lots of new knowledge, emotions and impressions. Only here you’ll be able to understand what we cannot understand in the everyday rush. These memories will stay will you forever!

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Photographic tourism is a sort of photo-hunting. It’s a pursuit of new and unusual landscapes, sceneries and untouched corners of the earth. Photo-tourism is addiction, a constant pursuit of the most impressive scenes and situations. Armenia definitely attracts the sights of real photo-tourists; it has prepared for you the most gorgeous landscapes, the most beautiful sights and cultural monuments.  Both in urban and rural areas you will find freedom and inspiration for your imagination and creativity. We wish you unique and exceptional shots!

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Nature based tourism in Armenia, hunting and fishing tours in Armenia

Hunting and fishing, being close to the nature, camping in tents, night next to a campfire is a way of life. Usually the lovers of such types of active rest gather together in interest groups and organize their own routes for another travel to lush forests, alpine lakes, quiet trails, remote parts of nature. True explorers of mother nature also call themselves biotourists. Biotourism is not just a rest, it’s also a science. There are many varieties of biotourism, but the most popular of them is birdwatching. If you like alpine lakes, nature based tourism and prefer to spend your holidays camping, welcome to Armenia!
Without doubt Armenia can be called an ideal country for all kinds of biotourism and nature based tourism. Where can you find a better place for hunting and fishing than the beautiful alpine lakes? Where can you find a more perfect location for camping than the virgin nature of Armenia?
What does Armenia offer for the lovers of nature based tourism and biotourism, hunting and fishing? Fascinating and interesting routes, mountains, canyons, rivers, alpine lake Sevan, comfortable campings for drivers, tour bases for hunters and fishermen, rare birds and animals, unique plants. The beauty of nature of Armenia is priceless. Forests, rivers and alpine lakes of Armenia are astonishing, Armenia offers unique opportunities for hunting and fishing, nature based tourism. For walking tourists, bikers and drivers all necessary things are taken into account to make the cheap rest more comfortable. We will offer you the best camping places, tour bases and recreation zones taking into account all your desires and interests. With all questions concerning the organization of nature based tourism, hunting and fishing, camping please do not hesitate to contact our specialists.

Ecological Tourism in Armenia

Recently people became interested in such exotic types of tourism as nature based tourism, ecotourism, agritourism which is also called rural tourism. What is ecological tourism? Ecotourism appeared fairly recently. City dwellers are getting so much tired of the daily routine, pollution, stress, traffic, that they just want to return back to the nature even for a really short time. That’s why different types of ecological tours are organized: agritours, ethnotours, walking tours. Agritour is one of the most popular types of ecological tours. Agritourism (rural tourism) is slowly becoming more and more fashionable.
What does Armenia offer for the nature lovers, agritourism (rural tourism)? What is ecotourism in Armenia? What kind of ecotourism and agritourism are popular in Armenia? What is ecotourism in Armenia? What kind of ecotourism and agricotourism are more popular?
Ecotourism in Armenia is not just a wonderful way to distract form the daily routine, every ecological tour in this country is a wonderful learning experience. Agritourism (rural tourism) in Armenia will help you get acquainted with the daily life of Armenian villagers, the history of the nation and their traditions. What can you expect from agritourism? Fresh air, organic Armenian food, good sleep and a possibility to see a completely different world. Do you want to distract from daily routine? Then ecological or nature based tourism is the ideal choice for you. Book any kind of agritourism, ecological or nature based tour from us. Ecotourism or nature based tourism and agritourism will give any city dweller a unique opportunity to gather the harvest, to milk cows, to shear the sheep, and to sleep in hay. In other words, ecological or nature based tourism is the best remedy from depression, nervous breakdown and stress. What else does one need for rest? We choose the most optimal variants of ecological or nature based tours in Armenia taking into account all your desires and needs.

Ethnotourism in Armenia

Just like agritourism, ethnotourism or ethnological tourism is becoming more and more popular recently. In some degree ethnotourism is a science as the participants of ethnotours become not only tourists but also explorers and researchers. They research the traditions and life of aboriginal people in exotic locations away from civilization. To organize an ethnotour and to come a little bit closer to the research, one shouldn’t go to South America to learn the ways of life of native Americans. Ethnotourism is much closer and accessible than it seems. We invite you for unforgettable ethnotours in Armenia. The ethnotours can also be combined with photo tours. If you like to photograph and you do not imagine your trip without professional photo camera, then photo and ethno tours in Armenia is all you need.
Armenia is one of the closest countries to Europe where a lot of exotics is still present where you can enjoy yourself researching the culture of the local people and make unique photos. In short Armenia is an ideal country for ethnotours and phototours. We invite you to take part in the captivating ethnotours and phototours.
What’s the advantage of Armenia compared to other countries that are traditionally organizing phototours and ethnotours? First of all Armenia is very close to Europe and it’s easy to organize cheap phototours and ethnotours. Besides this is a country where modern city life coexists with rural life of local population and this means that even ethnotours can be comfortable for people who are accustomed to comfortable city life. And of course Armenia has preserved its traditional relations with Europeand that’s why there is no problem in communication. And last but not the least this is a country where ethnotourism can be combined with educational, extreme, active and sport tourism.