Alpinism and rock climbing belong to the extreme type of recreation activities and sports.  These sports require good physical preparedness, expensive professional equipment, strong will and readiness for serious trials.  However, one should not think that alpinism is not for everyone.  There is a variety of alpinism types for people with various levels of physical preparedness. Today, the most popular types of alpinism are hiking and trekking.  These activities are usually combined with tourism.  As for alpinism tours, a special rout selection and training of participants will take place prior to the tours. 

Armenia is famous for its mountains and can offer to real alpinists maximally difficult routs in Mount Aragats (4090 m.) and Khustup (3214 m.).  You can also try various rock climbing routs and even rent the necessary equipment.   The most popular rocks are situated in the gorge leading to Noravank Monastery, one of the most interesting site seeing places of Armenia. 

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Helicopter tours provide the most captivating sights.  What can be more exciting than seeing all of the most interesting sights of Armenia from a bird’s-eye view!  An air excursion is a unique opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful views and sceneries.  Missing it is just unforgivable. 

The special attractiveness of helicopter tours in Armenia is that during one flight one can view the diversity of the climate zones and the landscape of Armenia.

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If you consider yourself a real mountain-skier but haven’t yet tried it in Armenia, then be sure that you have missed a lot!  Right here, in Tsahkadzor resort-town, on the altitude of 1,800 meters, the main USSR sports base was built in 1968 where world famous sportsmen like Alekseev, Vardanyan, Salnikov, Saneyev, and Lemeshev used to have their trainings here.

At present, Tsaghkadzor is a resort area with well developed tourism infrastructure: new heated elevators that take to three levels up to mountain, nice hotels and restaurants. 

For more details and photos of Tsahkadzor ski resort click here.

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Free ride is mountain skiing and snowboards outside of ski tracks.  It is a free descent on an unknown slope and fresh snow outside of tracked courses.  Free ride is a very risky type of mountain skiing.  Dangers await sportsmen at any step:  avalanches, hummocks, unknown landscape, etc.

Armenia is almost unknown to free-riders, although if you have once been to Mount Aragats you can never forget the excitement!

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Snowboarding is one of the most attractive winter sports.  It is a downhill on a mountainside on a so called mono-ski (snowboard).  The snowboarding has variety of choices:  slalom (single, parallel, slalom-giant, super giant, and parallel giant), snowboard cross, free style, half-pipe, big year, slope style, and free ride.
Snowboard fans will be just as pleased in Armenia, as mountain skiers.

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Extreme tourism in Armenia: Adventure and Rest

Do you like extreme rest? Do you like adventure tourism? Then Armenia will become an ideal place for extreme and adventure tours. Here you can find everything for extreme rest: beautiful nature – mountains and winter resort, lakes, forests, rivers, canyons. The lovers of extreme tourism come to Armenia from all parts of the world. They are attracted by the different types of adventure and extreme tours: helicopter tours, free ride, speleology, rafting, paragliding, mountain climbing and alpinism. However, adventure tourism in Armenia is also a wonderful opportunity to experience something new, to learn more about the spiritual and cultural historical treasures of Armenia.
Which extreme and adventure tour is more interesting in Armenia? Which kind of extreme tourism is more developed in Armenia? How to choose the best type of extreme tourism in Armenia?
The choice is rather difficult to make. The Nature of Armenia allows great opportunities for any type of extreme and adventure tourism. Alpinists, mountain skiers, snowboarders, paragliders, speleologists will find something interesting and new here. Extreme tourism is a burst of adrenaline, new emotions and impressions, unknown pleasures and of course the beauty of the virgin nature virtually untouched by a human hand. An extreme and adventure tour in Armenia will help give you all of these. Here you can experience what you haven’t ever experienced before: happiness and joy, pleasure and delight from the conquest of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, canyons and creeks. This is the real extreme rest! To book an extreme or adventure tour or to inquire more information please turn to our specialists. We assure you that Armenia will become you favorite country for extreme and adventure tourism.

Alpinism, mountain tourism and rock climbing in Armenia

Everybody knows that alpinism and rock climbing is a special type of active tourism for real lovers of extreme sports. In Armenia there are many places where people with good physical shape where one can try his stamina and endurance. But if you do not want such extreme sports and you prefer a safe mountain trail you will not regret to take a tour in Armenia. In this country you can enjoy wonderful mountain tours and hikes: trekking and hiking in Armenia is very well developed. We will organize for you any kind of mountain tour taking into account your desires: mountain tours by trails according to a prepared schedule for several days (trekking) or easier routes (hiking).
What can Armenia provide for the lovers of alpinism, mountain tourism, mountain hiking, rock climbing and trekking? Which mountain tour is more interesting in Armenia?
Armenia’s mountains are its main pride. Mountains Aragats (4090m) and Khustup (3214m) have maximum difficult trails for true lovers of extreme. Here alpinism and rock climbing are well developed. The lovers of mountain tourism, alpinism and rock climbing prefer the “walls”, which are located in a canyon close to the Monastery Noravank. And if you do not consider yourself a true alpinist and you want to get familiar to this wonderful type of sport and try an easy mountain tour or a mountain hike, then we advise you to start with the most popular type of mountain tourism: trekking and hiking. That’s why these kinds of tourism are so popular in Europe. Even elderly people enjoy this kind of tourism. Trekking and hiking are mountain tours and mountain hikes which help you to learn more about the nature and also help people get rid of various ailments, to be in a cheerful mood, add stamina, health and happiness.