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Since the Soviet times, Armenia was known for its health resorts, sanatoriums, and spas. There are more than 350 groups of mineral springs of various chemical composition of the balneal classification.  The most famous resorts and spas are located in Arzni, Jermuk and Dilijan. These places offer you the best clinics and health resorts in Armenia, equipped with modern equipment and known for their great customer service.

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One of the most famous places in Armenia and perhaps all over the world for treatment of gastroenterological and many other diseases is Jermuk resort. In Armenian Jermuk means “hot spring”. We find records of it dated 1st century B.C. The first scientific research expedition came here to study the medicinal characteristics of the spring in 1925, after which a decision was made to found a mineral-water based resort town in Jermuk.

Jermuk resort is located in the south-eastern part of Armenia, in upstream river Arpa, on the altitude of 2,100 meters above see level. It is a plateau surrounded by mountain ranges, alpine meadows, and forests. The air in this place is incredibly clean and filled with flower flavor. The first health resort was opened in Jermuk in 1940.

Currently, the sanatoriums, spas and resorts of Jermuk offer mud cure, magneto-therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, liver and kidneys, nervous system, as well as gynecological, dermatological and proctologic diseases are also treated here.

The high-temperature mineral waters of Jermuk belong to the compound class and contain carbonic acid, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, chlorine, sodium, potassium, calcium, fluorine, bromine, magnesium. They are used as drinking water and for baths, provide therapeutic action for diseases of digestive apparatus, liver, metabolic and nervous system disorders, and many other chronic diseases.

The high quality of Jermuk mineral water in combination with the unique landscape and climate of the resort and its surroundings, make an effective therapeutic impact on human organism. This place offers you the best combination of the rest and treatment. More information on spa resorts.

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Dentistry in Armenia includes all kinds of dental treatment and prosthesis. Modern medical equipment and experienced doctors are at your service! And, what is also important, prices are very convenient.

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Medical treatment and spa resorts in Armenia

Medical tours will help you to get rest and medical treatment, to restore your strength and to stay healthy. Medical tourism in spa resorts is a perfect way of rest for people who have nervous and stressful jobs. It’s important to take a good care of your health, however the fast pace of modern life do not give us enough time to take a good care for ourselves. Remember about your health during your vacation. Medical tour in Armenia is the most optimal variant of rest for your mind and body.
How to order a medical tour in Armenia? What spa resorts can one find in Armenia? What do they specialize on? What types of medical tourism does Armenia offer? Which medical tour should one order?
We will be glad to answer all these questions. Armenia is rich in many natural hot springs of balneological classification. In this wonderful country there are more than 350 such hot springs. Medical tourism in Armenia is first of all in the most famous spa resorts in Arzni, Dilijan and Jermuk. We will help you choose the best medical tour and we will recommend you the necessary spa resort. You’ll not regret coming to Armenia for medical tourism as this is a completely new experience and you’ll have an opportunity to see the unique monuments of culture and architecture, trips and free time in virgin nature of Armenia. Medical tourism will give you an opportunity to get a complex medical treatment. For example the spa resorts in Jermuk specialize on the treatment of stomach, liver intestines, motive apparatus, kidneys, nervous system, gynecological, skin and proctological ailments. Medical tour in the spa resorts of Armenia will give you strength, stamina and health. To organize a medical tour please turn to our specialists.