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FRUCTUS ARMENIACUS is the name of our Travel Company that means “Armenian fruit” in Latin.

The impressions that you will experience from fascinating tours, captivating trips and interesting sights accompanied with our caring and quality service will be as rich and unforgettable as the taste of the queen of the Armenian fruits, the apricot. This wonderful fruit is called FRUCTUS ARMENIACA in Latin and is considered to be the symbol of Armenia for its unique sweetness, juiciness and delicious aroma.

Even if you have never been to Armenia, you might have heard about the famous Armenian brandy and Armenia cuisine. What you for sure are aware of, is the spectacular appearance of Holly Mount Ararat and ancient Armenian fortresses, monasteries, temples and churches all around the country.

“FRUCTUS ARMENIACUS” Travel Company has specially been created to help you to discover the wonders of Armenia with its mysteries, legends and rich cultural and historical heritage. The years of experience and professionalism of our staff will ensure the highest quality of the services provided.

We offer a wide range of services including sightseeing, extreme, gourmand, religious, skiing hiking, biking, agro and eco tours. Groups and individuals can enjoy also beach recreation and treatment. Our guides will take you to the most fascinating and captivating places of our ancient and yet young country. You will have an opportunity to visit architectural monuments and museums, see the nature, traditions and ceremonies of Armenia.

We are meant to provide a need based services and will make sure that your vacation matches with your preferences, interests, and finances.

You will love Armenia as we love it, and will surely want to return here!